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You may or may not have noticed but a whole new page has been added to the website featuring some of my favourite photos from events i have covered over the years. Have a look at the menu or click here. Read more
You may or may not know that outside of the studio i also do work for the Whanganui Chronicle and have done so for almost five years now. The 20th of July 2019 marked a first for me, where i had been called out for a large fire and at night! my seven week old son who was asleep on me at the time of the call was unimpressed by me having to move him but i was on duty. All of the images you see below are copyright of the Whanganui Chronicle and please use the link to see their full coverage. It was a thrilling experience to see so many fire engines, emergency response personnel and members of the public working together to view the spectacle. A sad sight to see and a that’s a view point that seems to be shared by all. Still photographically it presented some opportunities that i wanted to share below. Unfortunately i missed the flames and even more unfortunately a friend of mine had moved all of his art supplies into the building, that very day. As for the evening itself, it appeared things were winding down, so off to the office, […] Read more
I have to confess that although have been a car lover from the moment i first saw one, i have never particularly appreciated historic race cars. I used to believe that they should be factory restored and preserved for history. However, I was fortunate enough to be a co-driver in the Hawke’s Bay Targa Rally and it gave me a whole new appreciation of these former pinnacles of technology. Watching them stretch their legs and do what they were built to do. Then coincidentally a few weeks later this beauitful example of a Jaguar MK2 came in the studio. Flawless doesn’t quite begin to describe and its a fine example of the high-quality work produced by Terry Price and his team at Restorations Unlimited, Whanganui. So consider me converted and i cannot wait until the next Targa event. Make sure you look at the full gallery. Read more


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Back when I worked as a cruise ship photographer, we had a variety of responsibilities aboard the ship. But specifically as money making photographers; we were expected to perform several thirty-minute talks through out each cruise. They were designed to educate novice photographers on a variety of subjects such as basic operation, camera use, composition, photographic history and so on. We were then expected to attempt to sell some of the merchandise in our department and to encourage the passengers to purchase a one-to-one lesson with a photographer and time of their choosing. The lessons were all planned by the company in the form of a powerpoint presentation. The basic information was on the screen and the photographer was expected to add additional info and field any questions. What I discovered, was that the vast majority of the photographers did not enjoy doing the talks, they felt self-conscious and didn’t like being the centre of attention. I would often see them just keeping their head down, reading the screen in front of them speaking so quietly that no one could hear. However, there were a few (myself included) that utterly loved doing the talks, inparting knowledge and fielding a few […] Read more
It’s been a busy month in the studio, but in particular getting ready for a couple of workshops with the Whanganui Camera Club (WCC). As part of the PSNZ (Photography Society of New Zealand), the WCC take part in events across the country and the last weekend of September was the designated time for the WCC to put on a show. The idea being that two separate groups would get taken to several spots around town for different educational activities. Having conducted a couple of talks at the WCC clubhouse previously, the members were well aware of my gem of a studio tucked away in Whanganui and decided it was time to hire it out for half day. I wanted to make this a special day for the WCC and their guests and give them a chance to get into the cyclorama and get hands-on with the car. The first step to this was finding the right car, I wanted something light and small for ease of turning it in the studio. The heavier the car, the more effort and hands needed is the rule. Thus you will see from the pictures that there was no better car for the […] Read more
I’ve slowly been working through my images of the Eneos North Island Endurance Series, as there is no rush i thought i would drip feed it through my Instagram. I have added a few of the images to the website if you’re not an Instagram user and there will be more soon. You got a race event you would like photographed in my style? then let me know via the Contact page Read more
These days, I rarely do a photo shoot that isn’t planned out or paid. The one thing I have really wanted to give a go since purchasing my Sony AR7II is astrophotography, but anyone who has tried to get the perfect shot will know that there are many factors to consider. Fortunately, an opportunity presented itself and I took full advantage. With Astrophotography, you need something to fill the foreground and add depth. You don’t want any little light pollution as possible and that is just to work out where you are going to shoot from. Picking the time is the next phase, the moon needs to be small and minimal and clouds need to be non-existent. I literally walked up the road a bit by my house to get this images but i am already on the lookout for good foreground compositions. The settings need to be a delicate blend as well. For these images, I used the wonderful ISO range on the AR7II. Set to 3200, the white balance on sunny. f8 was my chosen aperture but the real trick is to get the shutter speed just right. Obviously, you need a long shutter speed on a tripod. […] Read more