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September 05, 2017 admin Uncategorized 0 comments
I was very pleased to have my new studio as a feature article in the Wanganui Chronicle, this weekend just gone. You read the whole article for yourself, now that it’s been posted online. Just Click Here Read more
The studio has been in full swing this week so today. The new stylish range of Newtech baths are being showcased in a specially designed bath surround and the robust dining room sets of Furniture One have been in for the treatment as well. Tomorrow brings a visit from Whanganui’s very own Mayor Hamish McDouall which I am looking forward to. As you can see the studio caters for all manner of product and creative endeavors, the space is also available to rent and I will have a page of prices posted soon. If you can’t wait then please feel free to give me a call. Read more
It has been a long process to get this stage but yesterday marked the first ever use of the cyclorama at my new commercial studio. We are officially open for business and the exceptional Mercedes SLS AMG was the first beauty through the door. Thank you to everyone who has helped me to get to this stage and to make my dream a reality. I would put a list up but you would be bored of scrolling before you got to the bottom. A full list of prices for the studio will be up on the website soon and the space is available to rent for all you creatives who want to try something new. It is the only studio of its kind outside of Wellington and Auckland and is also one of the biggest and few with drive in access. Keep your eyes on my website, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Flickr for regular updates and work. Read more
With the help of Patrick Monaghan (Ivory Creative) and Pete Karabetis we have managed to secure the diffuser roof today. A lot of climbing and drilling was going on but we are at the final hurdle. The new positioning jacks have arrived as well so the first shoot is getting ever closer. Patrick even drove his scooter so that we could test the jacks out. Read more
It has not been a hard couple of weeks at the studio, we are right at the stage where the budget is all but dried up and earnings need to begin. However the studio is not complete, the roof is almost on but due to a lack of people power (in large numbers) I have been unable to get it on. Not a job you can do by yourself but thank you to James O’Donnell and Chris Smith for their help in getting the roof over this far. Just as we hit this stage of the business set up the screen on my MacBook Pro died, leaving me unable to earn through my profession. Thankfully the repair was covered under warranty and Apple have paid the cost but it’s been patience testing period. Thankfully I am no plugged back into the matrix and ready to dive in. Today I have ordered 4x Vehicle Positioning Jacks (otherwise known as Go Jacks). This will allow me to rotate and move the car minimising the tire marks on the floor. If I can scrape together enough help, then I very much hope to have my first shoot this week. Gotta a rather nice […] Read more
Completed the final stage of the Google business registration today. Soon the studio will be synonymous with Bedford Ave. Read more
Just a quick post! The painting has begun 🙂 a massive thanks to Glen Brewer for all his help. I suggest you give him a call at All Paintworx 027 PAINT IT (0277246848) next time you need a painter and decorator. Read more